Setting-out on site
We have experience in setting-out on the following:

– Motorways
– Highways
– Secondary Roads
– Housing
– RC Structures
– Steel-frame buildings (& HD Bolts)
– Pipelines
– Canals
– Dams
– Micro-tunnelling and Auger-bores
– Underground Services including deep drainage

and… although we work on some really large value projects – no job is too small ! If you just need a Setting-Out Engineer for a day, we can usually help you.

Services to Pipeline Projects

Route Planning, Topographical Surveys and Setting-Out
G.E.S personnel have extensive experience of working in both the design and construction of onshore pipelines. We can provide a complete surveying and setting-out – including Bending Engineering – capability plus assistance in routing on-site. In support of this we can also provide CADD and mapping facilities.

We have experience in the production of high-quality drawings using design knowledge appropriate to cross-country routing, open-cut and trenchless crossings.

The main types of drawings we can provide are:

– Strip Maps
– Road, River, Railway, Canal, Ditch & Services Crossings detail plans and sections
– Topographical and Ground profile drawings
– Services Record drawings
– All manner of Mapping from simple Route maps to drawings showing your Environmental constraints etc..
– As-Built Record drawings