Land Surveying

Topographical Detail Surveys
We provide quality, fully-detailed surveys at competitive rates utilising both traditional and GPS equipment. Common outputs include CAD DXF & DWG (2D and/or 3D), MOSS Genio, PDF and all manner of hard-copy Other formats include LSS, SCC and ASCII XYZ (user-defined).
Examples (click to download/view pdf)
» Typical small site survey at 1:200 scale
» 1:100 detail survey of small road
» Commercial site at 1:200 scale


Boundary Surveys
Clear and accurate mapping of boundaries. Pegging out for fencing etc…

Earthworks & Volumes
Fast response and fieldwork times using GPS equipment. Accurate volumes computed using our advanced ground-modelling software packages.

Site Control Networks
G.E.S can install and survey a comprehensive network of permanent ground-markers for future use by your site and setting-out Engineers. You receive CAD drawings and coordinate listings plus a detailed location/description sheet for every station. Small projects can benefit too.

Using survey-grade GPS equipment we can tie-in your control network to the National Grid and Datum.

Deformation Monitoring

We can provide measurement and monitoring for movement or deformation on any kind of above-ground structure. If your project works entail any risk to adjacent properties, it might well be worth considering.

As well as providing the results of our own land surveys in a variety of formats, we are able to provide quality mapping products derived from a combination of sources. These include:

– Aerial photographs with an overlay of contours and vector mapping
– Common mapping products overlaid with your design proposals
– Google-Earth overlays – especially useful for depicting the route for a road or pipeline


For best accuracy we continue to use Total Station Instruments – either with operator and assistant or fully robotic one-person operation.  These include Topcon and Leica units.

In order to geo-reference our surveys to O.S. National Grid and Datum we use  Topcon GRS-1 GPS Network Rovers. These are also often used for surveying larger open areas – where appropriate.

Topcon’s new GRS-1 was the world’s first fully integrated dual constellation network enabled RTK rover system. It is an all-in one handheld GNSS receiver and field controller with high-speed processor, increased memory, built-in camera, compass and bar code reading function. Also integrated into the new system are SD memory card slot, internal GSM modem, and wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth technology. The receiver has DGPS capability with internal L1 antenna for use in GIS and Navigation, and with the PGA-1 external antenna plus connection to your local GNSS network via the internal modem provides dual frequency, dual constellation GNSS centimeter RTK accuracy.

Other Instruments we use include Topcon and Leica Engineers Levels, Leica D510 Disto, Faro X120 Laser Scanner and the revolutionary “Zebedee”  » see our Laser Scanning section